One of India’s most breathtaking hikes is The Great Lakes of Kashmir. In no doubt, it supports Kashmir’s claim that it is “heaven on earth.”

The reason for this is because the trek is set on a bigger than life canvas. It’s 75 km north of Srinagar. 360 degrees of craggy, wild mountains, lush meadows and turquoise alpine lakes welcome visitors every day. There are seven lakes and five distinct valleys to explore!

Difficulty level of the trek

It’s a six-day moderate-difficult hike because of the diversity of terrain. It’s a long day of walking, intense ascends and downs as well as the lack of a convenient exit point. This is why it’s not suitable for anyone who hasn’t done an altitude hike prior to now.

View Of Kashmir great lakes trek

However it is enough to be worth it. Every day is beautiful and there is a beautiful alpine lake to swim in. The snowy patches that feed into these waters make them more stunning. You can see them disappear into the water from the mountains with serrated edges. Sometimes milky white icebergs may be seen floating over the inky blue lake’s surface.

Kashmiri meadows

There are also those Kashmiri meadows. These meadows come in a variety of sizes and shapes and are usually many in one day.

The meadows are dotted with clumps of pine-like amidst of maple in the morning. They drop down a mountain into a wide valley, in which horses race and sheep feed in the afternoon. The wildflowers blossom in abundance during the 3rd day directly under the Gadsar pass among these meadows. A grassy plateau of Satsar appears to be like it has been cultivated during the day of the fourth with a sparkling stream flowing across it.

The facts regarding this trek. Great Lakes Trek in Kashmir 2022:

Jammu and Kashmir, Ganderbal District, Western Himalayan Range, Trekking Trekking Seven nights and eight days is the duration of this journey. Altitude range: 2800-4300 meters (approximately), Sonamarg to Naranag Valley Trekking Distance: 76.6 km, grade/review Cross-country High Altitude difficult The ideal time to hike is during the months of July to September. Sonamarg is the place to start where the trek will end in Naranag.

Why this trek is so beautiful

The hike takes you past the snow-capped mountains, breathtaking landscapes, glowing pines as well as high altitude lakes. Kashmir’s Seven Lakes Trek is an ode to the heavens on the earth. It is a perfect example of everything nature can provide in a stunning location. Beautiful scenery, magnificent High Mountain routes, lush green valleys, swift streams, blossoming wildflowers and a sparkling glacier all well-groomed.

Some more beautiful views

Beautiful views of mountains as well as glacier lakes filled with trout, rare high-altitude birdlife, and the chance to interact with wildlife close up. The magnificent Harmukh Peak (5400 meters) and the old temple ruins dating back to the 8th century in Naranag valley are part of the diverse fauna and plants of the Himalayas of northwestern Nepal.

The trail follows Gujjars’ (Kashmir’s roving shepherds) normal route starting from Sonmarg towards Naranag valley.

Kashmir Alpine Lakes trip

Kashmir Alpine Lakes trip is among the most stunning cross-country high-altitude treks in the Kashmir Himalayas. The deep Himalayas the trek goes across seven alpine lakes that are unparalleled. Gangabal Twin Lakes, Vishansar Lake, Krishansar Lake, Gadsar Lake, Harmukh Peak Tribes of nomads and fly-fishing

Cheap Trip Kashmir will guide and assist you on your way up to Kashmir High Altitude Alpine Lakes.

Safety precautions

We are attentive to your safety and offer the highest-quality equipment for trekking and professional Mountain Guide for a reasonable cost of $16,000. We offer the best itinerary with estimated costs as well as information about the most advanced trek routes. Check out Tripadvisor reviews, feedback and reviews regarding the trek. Kashmir Great Lakes Trek.

The schedule of the Kashmir Great Lakes Trek is as the following:


To complete the entire trek starting from Sonamarg to Naranag the most basic trekking includes the duration of seven days and nights. A number of lakes that are not known to the public could be better served by longer duration. The itinerary is detailed every morning, around 7.30 a.m. Breakfast is served. The hike starts with the start of 8.30 a.m. The food will be served from 12.30 until 1 p.m. You can bring your lunch. The group will be led by a guide for the trek and an additional horse within small teams. Guide, co-guide, as well as two horses backup are assigned to larger groups.

When the journey begins

The journey between Srinagar to Sonamarg begins at midnight in Srinagar’s city centre and takes about 3 hours to get to Sonamarg via vehicle. Overnight at the Tajwais glacier’s basehills. In camp along the river’s banks. This is essential to ensure an appropriate adjustment. A brief excursion for a visit to Tajwais Glacier can be a excellent way to engage in some exercise at high altitude.

Overall, this Kashmir excursion will inspire you to be awestruck by the mountains.

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