Choosing functional Furniture for your living room can be tricky if you aren’t sure which type to go for. A great way to make the most of your space is to invest in modular pieces, which can serve a dual purpose – chair and table. This type of furniture allows you to sit comfortably, while simultaneously storing items underneath. Side chairs come in two distinct versions, each with an open lower storage area. Here are some examples of functional furniture for your living room.

Multifunctional furniture

For those looking for more than one function from their living room furniture, consider buying a sofa bed or futon. These versatile furniture pieces can accommodate multiple functions while remaining stylish and functional. MyMove identifies some of the best options. Another great example is a floating sofa that doubles as a bookcase or a side table. These types of pieces of furniture can minimize clutter while fitting into existing interior themes.

Compact furniture

If you want a smaller room, you might need to use compact furniture for living rooms. Light-colored pieces with wooden legs will appear lighter than dark-colored or boxy upholstered pieces. Opt for a leggy chair with no armrests or backrest to avoid blocking the view of the floor or fireplace. Alternatively, opt for an open-wire coffee table with a small marble top to create a focal point.

Pull-out sofas

If you have a guest or in-law who stays over night, you can make use of the space beneath your upholstered sofa bed by purchasing a pull-out sleeper sofa. These beds are comfortable and sturdy, so you can relax in your living room during the day while your guest sleeps on the couch. Purchasing a sleeper sofa is a wise decision for your living room, so you’ll want to consider the space you have available before buying a sleeper sofa.

Coffee tables

A coffee table can serve as a great accessory to your living room. You can find them in a wide range of sizes, materials, and functions. Before buying, take some time to consider how it will work in your living space. You can choose one with drawers, shelves, or a lift-top to use as a desk. These tables are also useful accent pieces that can display books, wine, or house plants.


Traditionally, ottomans served as additional seating next to the couch. However, in recent years, these versatile pieces have been made larger and can even serve as coffee tables, holding drinks and food. With their firm surfaces, ottomans have a variety of uses and can even serve as a great place to play board games. Larger ottomans can also serve as extra storage. If you’re looking for more functional furniture for your living room, consider putting an ottoman under your console table.

Accent tables

Whether your room is modern or traditional, accent tables are an excellent way to add style to a room. Accent tables are typically shorter than normal tables, which makes them easy to access. In general, the height of an accent table is twenty to twenty-five inches, which allows you to easily get to the tabletop without having to bend over. You may also choose a glass top end table to add elegance to your living room.


A bookcase can be a great way to decorate a living room. The classic style can look great with a few accessories, such as a rug or a woven basket. But you can also get creative with your bookcase. Try displaying them upside-down to make them stand out even more. You can use dark-colored books to create a striking impression. For an extra-special touch, you can also paint them royal purple. You can even use a rainbow-colored bookcase if you have a book collection of books.

Storage solutions

Stylish storage options can be a great way to maximize storage space in the living room without sacrificing the appearance of the room. Consider placing a ladder shelf for blankets, a magazine rack between two club chairs, or even a media console with shelves and a drawer. An ottoman, which serves as both a coffee table and a storage option, can be moved around the room to create additional seating. This versatile piece of furniture can also be used to store gaming equipment, blankets, and toys.

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