The most popularly known as heaven on earth Kashmir is surrounded by mountains covered in snow and sparkling lakes is a well-known tourist attraction in India. The state of India is divided into three parts, including Jammu Kashmir and Ladakh. Because of the sweet taste of Kashmir it is often referred to as”the Switzerland of India. Because of its beauty in nature and major religious sites, such as Amarnath as well as Vaishno Devi Temple draws many thousands of Indian and foreign tourists as well as pilgrims each year.


Kashmir is one of India’s most stunning tourist destinations.If you’re looking to feel like heaven and you are looking for a place to experience heaven on earth, then Kashmir is the perfect place for you. We should plan our trip to Kashmir in accordance with the time of year that will make the celebration unique. The spring season kicks off in March and runs through the end of May, and the summer season takes place from May through August. The weather is beautiful in these seasons, and you can spend all day in the outdoors and enjoy the cool breeze that soothes the body. Is. the best timing to go to Kashmir is between March and August. It is a essential time to visit during these months in order to ensure that your visit is unforgettable.


To reach Jammu or Kashmir is a breeze However, even today, there are many who have the impression that getting to Jammu as well as Kashmir is an extremely difficult undertaking. Trains, flights and buses operate from major cities across the country, to get to Jammu and Kashmir and make Jammu and Kashmir easy to access.


To travel towards Jammu and Kashmir by plane it is possible to fly to Srinagar which is the sole airport within Jammu and Kashmir. Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir. Leh additionally has an airport, however because of the state of Jammu and Kashmir becoming two separate union territorial units, Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh Leh’s airport has been relocated to Ladakh. There are other important cities such as Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi and Ahmedabad that can be reached from Srinagar.

There are many taxis accessible at Srinagar Airport to go to the city’s main hub of Srinagar. Share taxis, private taxis, and some tours are also available by Srinagar the main town to of the cities in Jammu and Kashmir so that tourists don’t have problems in visiting every place in Jammu or Kashmir.


Jammu, Katra and Udhampur railway station is regarded as the nearest station on the railway line to Srinagar. The distance between Srinagar is approximately 267 kilometers away from Jammu train station. 240km away from Katra Railway Station. and 200 kilometers away from Udhampur Railway Station. It is possible to get trains from cities such as Delhi. Private taxis and buses are readily accessible from the three railway stations that connect from Srinagar However, based on the time of the year you plan to visit Jammu and Kashmir the amount of private taxis could rise or decrease.

If you take an train to Udhampur train station there is a possibility that is that you can take advantage of. You can also travel to Srinagar by using a direct bus to Udhampur railway station. However, using a bus from Udhampur railway station you must travel to Banihal which is where frequent trains travel to Srinagar.


The direct bus service from Delhi to Srinagar and back, which means you are able to plan your trip to Srinagar However, should you prefer to travel to Srinagar by bus, you can go there from Srinagar straight from Delhi but because of the greater distance between Delhi the city and Srinagar.If you are planning to travel to Delhi to Srinagar via bus, you must first you must go towards Jammu, Katra or Udhampur railway station which is where a lot of buses depart to Srinagar. If you do this you will not experience any fatigue during the journey and, depending on your plans you’ll be able to finish this Jammu and Kashmir journey easily.


To visit Kashmir which is known as the heavens of earth many people travel to Kashmir each year. However, besides the wonderful benefits of Kashmir there are 5 additional aspects that make it stunning. Let’s discover the five special things that will entice those at a distance from their surroundings ….

Pashmina Shawl-

Kashmiri Pashmina Shawl is a sign of royalty for each person. It is extremely soft and is lighter than the actual Pashmina Shawl. Pashmina is made of wool from Changra goats in Kashmir’s Tarangang located at an altitude of around 14,000 feet. It is made to make a huge Pashmina Shawl, used. Wool can receive up to 80 one hundred grams goats. The symbol of comfort and beauty, Pashmina has always been the first choice for women from all over the globe.

Kashmiri Music-

Music from Jammu or Kashmir is known as Sufiana Kalam. Following the rise to Islam, Kashmiri music got in the direction of Iranian music. It is believed that the instrument played in Kashmir was created by Iran. Rabab is a kind of popular ethenic tunes from Kashmir. Roof is a popular dance that is performed by women from the Kashmir region.

Arts and Crafts of Jammu and Kashmir-

The crafts and arts from Jammu as well as Kashmir are considered to be very elegant. Silk carpets as well as woolen shawls pottery, kurtas and woolen shawls are exquisitely engraved in this area.


Here , the wooden boat is beautifully decorated. This is called “Shikara” in the traditional dialect. Every year, visitors from all over the world visit the area to enjoy the traditional Shikara.

Dishes of Jammu and Kashmir-

Rogan Josh and yogurt Lamb Curry, Kashmiri Pulao are thought to be some of the best dishes of Kashmir. Rogan josh is prepared with roasted onions with spices, curd and spices along with meat. Because of its presence in Kashmiri chillies present in rogan josh, the appearance is red.


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