Making a Tapestry—How Did They Do That?


The “bad boys and girls” of wall decor are wall hangings. They don’t like being boxed in (aka framed), they usually have a cool, enviable style, and they’re not afraid to take chances (in a good way). The beautiful thing about wall hangings in 2019 is that they come in a variety of styles other than the traditional macramé. 

Not to criticise macramé (it’s great when the style calls for it), but if you live in a more modern home, you might prefer some other options. Because you all seemed to enjoy the mix-and-match aspect of the accent table post, I thought it would be interesting to show you how a wall hanging can add depth to an already-deep space. It is beautifully designed. I chose three EHD rooms that were already lovely and added two different wall hangings to demonstrate the genre’s adaptability in terms of aesthetics.

The beautiful Portland mastr bedroom is first on the list.

Nothing was hung above the bed when it was first designed, which looked wonderful because the room already had a lot going on aesthetically (super cool buffable check loveseat not shown). But then I got my grubby paws on this photo and decided to make a wall hanging out of it, because why not? Let’s get started. Both of these pieces are considered “modern boho,” which contrasts nicely with the rest of the room’s “modern traditional” decorated light wood tone that complements the beams overhead and the colours of the art piece, and the shapes are simple and rounded to contrast the straight lines of the bed. I wanted to keep things basic so as not to detract from the lovely MaryAnn Puls painting on the wall.

Sara’s always-cool antique living room is next…

Emily Henderson is a writer who lives in the United Decorative wall hangings Sara’s Living Room Reveal | room from Sara’s living room reveal left hanging | right hanging. Sara already has a fantastic large framed photo grid of her photos, therefore the purpose of this experiment is to show you several different wall hanging possibilities.

If Sara had fewer friends and felt the need to brag, a wall hanging might have been a terrific idea to make a design decision. Quilts look lovely hung on the wall. Why? They’re usually enormous, so they’re perfect for filling in big gaps, they’re textured, and they come in several styles. There is a quilt out there that is perfect for you, absolutely YOU! Because the majority of the color palette is scattered around Sara’s space, and the pop of red adds some visual excitement, this one would have looked fantastic in her living area.

Option 2 is one of the most unique braided wall hangings I’ve ever seen. At first sight, it appears to be a charming boho design, but closer inspection reveals that it is highly modern and on-trend, with its blend of abstract and organic shapes. This is a nice item for a fun-loving couple of kids

Finally, the Parisian hotel suite is one of my EHD favourites.

Emily Henderson is a writer who lives in the United Decorative wall hangings Sotheby’s Side By Side | room from setting my fantasy Parisian hotel suite with Sotheby’s Bonjour and wall-come to my to remodel Again, this room was already fantastic, but I wanted to test all of our preconceived notions about what a room with a wall hanging should look like. As you can see, it’s suitable for any type of room. 

The wall hanging on the left is a very sophisticated and modern artwork that blends in perfectly with the space’s art deco mood. I was confident in this version because the original piece of art was likewise quite graphic. The pattern design on the piece on the right is still current, but it’s a little softer to let the rest of the space speak for itself. It’s there to lend a hint of texture, and it accomplishes it admirably, in my opinion. Who thought it was possible to have modern wall hangings in a modern room?

Now that you’ve seen how versatile wall hangings are, I’ve put together three roundups in three separate categories for your viewing and purchase enjoyment. The non-fabric category comes first. Wood, ceramics, and metals are all examples of this. If you want to call it that, the difficult stuff…

  1. Ring | 3. Arch Series: Golden Brown | 4. Abia Wall Hanging | 5. Garland27: Indigo Rings Pared Beads | 6. Shiny Taupe Wall Ornament | 7. Large Wall Hangings | Stolen From De Stijl Plate No 3 | 10. Leaf and Flower Decorative Wall Sculpture | 12. Woodbury Wall Hanging

They’re all fantastic, I agree. This is, in my opinion, the category that lends itself best to more modern design. The various materials and shapes can be used to complement practically any style. Favourites? It’s physically painful for me to select, but I’d go with #2, #3, #7, #14, and #20 right now

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