The best places to visit within Jammu and Kashmir

Tarsar Marsar Trek

It is believed that the Tarsar Marsar Trek begins at Aru village, which is located 100 kilometers away from Srinagar in Jammu and Kashmir. The ideal moment to go and visit the lake is during the fall months, as right after the monsoon, the lake fills up with its capacity, making it the most picturesque place to view. The beginning day of your trek , you begin your journey at Aru village, which is towards Lidderwat river that is about 10 km away. The trail will take you through lush green mountains, as well as the rhododendrons and pine trees. After setting up camp along the banks of Lidderwat river, you’ll then go to Shekwas that is five kilometers of hiking. The next day is the perfect time for you to explore the most anticipated spot, The Tarsar lake. While you’re trekking, you’ll also see some snow patches and you will be able to camp near the lake. On the following day, you’ll head towards Sundar Sar lake. Sundar Sar lake and reach the Marsar Lake via the Tarsar pass. The majority of people don’t camp on the Marsar Lake banks so they return to Sundar sir or the Tarsar lake area after completing the hike.

Tulip Garden of Srinagar

It is believed that the Tulip Garden located in Srinagar is regarded as the biggest Tulip Garden in Asia that covers around 30 acres. It is located in the Zabarwan mountains of the Himalayas. The majority of visitors visit The Tulip Garden during the months from March through April since this is the time when flowers of tulips begin to bloom. It is also the only time that this Garden is open to guests. You can see the widest variety of Tulips and their number can go to a staggering number of lakhs. There are more than 70 different varieties Tulips are available with different forms and shades. The most intriguing thing is that you can discover an black Tulip. These Tulip bulbs will be planted during October, before the snowfall , and once the snow melts, the bulbs begin to bloom. Kashmir Tulips signal the start of spring with the most stunning blossoms. They bloom in the sun and will bloom during the winter and cold winter months. Being able to see these colours in bundles can make you feel happy, so ensure that you go to this location especially during the spring season.


Gulmarg Tour

The most popular place tourists visit during the summer months in Kashmir is Gulmarg There are plenty of accommodation options in Gulmarg that you can choose to remain and relax throughout. Once you’re all settled for check-in procedure, you’ll begin your journey in Gulmarg. The most exciting thing to do is take the Gondola ride, which is one of the most popular activities in Gulmarg. Gulmarg’s gondola right in Gulmarg is also the second highest cable car. The views of the gondolas are amazing. After you have completed the gondola trip, you can opt to go skiing, which is a most well-known snow sport in Gulmarg. Additionally, you can also go on a snowmobile or a snow sledge ride. In addition, you can drive until Drung village, which is located 11 km away from Gulmarg to view the most stunning waterfall with snow everywhere. Then, you could go to the market in Gulmarg where you will find the old-fashioned antiques of Gulmarg.


Pahalgam Tour

In Srinagar you can go through Pahalgam and Johnny is so stunning that you will find numerous varieties of trees such as the apple tree, acrode tree as well as the Kesari crop. After visiting the most stunning sites along Srinagar, along the Srinagar Pahalgam Road you will first arrive at Aru Valley, and there are the most stunning spots that are covered in snow. After that, you’ll be heading toward Chandanwadi which is the base camp of Amarnath Yatra. In addition, you will discover a river that originates from Sheshnag lake. You can then move towards Betaab valley and it is famous for its snow-making activities.


Dal Lake with Shikara Ride

Dal Lake is mostly visited in the summer months, however it also is open during winter months when the weather is pleasant. Therefore, you are able to decide to visit during the summer, or just in winter to take in the stunning sights that are located in Dal Lake. In the winter months, when it is mild, you can anticipate the Dal Lake to be semi frozen and allow you to cruise along the lake on the Shikara that is a traditional boat people of the Kashmiri people travel in to cross the Dal Lake


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