Uttari Betta can be described as a five-kilometre trek through a breathtaking lush green landscape which provides stunning views of the landscape like those of the Western Ghats. It is among the best day hikes in Karnataka. The trek begins in a town, then crosses the fort’s wall and then passes through seven stone entrances until you reach the midway point. It is home to an Sankareswari shrine. The view at the top is breathtaking enough to blow your mind off for a while.

After passing by the temple

After we have passed by the Temple, the trek continues through a tiny cave in the rainforest, where we’ll be able to explore a whole new world before reaching the meadow’s on the summit, where we will be surrounded by massive boulders. We start our descent back to the trail’s beginning point after spending time on the top with casual chats and a delicious lunch.

When the hike of uttari betta starts

The hike starts late at night , with the intention of climbing the mountain before sunrise. The hike begins in a tiny town. After exploring the town at night for a decent length of time, you’ll go through the barricade to defend yourself and then go through seven entrances to the stone.

Difficulty level of the trek

The route is typically fragile because it traverses the boulders and steps made of large boulders. Once you’ve passed through these gates, you’ll reach the midpoint of the ascent which is marked by the Shankeshwar temple. The view from the top of the temple is breathtaking enough to stick to your memory for a short period of time.

After traversing this sanctuary area, the route continues through a tiny woodland tunnel and then enters a completely new setting that leads to the grassland at the hillock’s crest. It is surrounded by huge rocks and stones.

View from the top

From this top, we’ll be able to witness the glorious sunrise, with just green grass, blue skies and grey huge rocks that will accompany us. Recollect this moment in your memory to the maximum extent you can because it will aid in relieving the utter joy you felt at the time, and later in a sense of nostalgia.

We sat and soaked by the beauty of the spectacular daybreak with its stunning mix of shades on the sky. We’ll start our descent back to the base camp as quickly as possible following the sunrise. While enthralled by the breathtaking views be sure to walk at a safe pace. Then, we’ll have a break for breakfast prior to heading towards Bangalore.

  1. This unique sunrise adventure leads you into the midst of nature, with caves, wildernesses and massive stones that will leave you in awe of nature’s immenseness. It ensures that visitors are in awe of the vast wildlife and plants the route offers.
  2. So, if you’re searching for a spot in which you can be completely at peace with nature, join us for this journey and become a part of something larger than all of us.
  3. The sunrise is breathtaking and makes the Uttari Betta Night Trek an experience that will last forever.
  4. Uttari Betta trek is a five-kilometre hike that leads you to a stunning green landscape that has mysteriously disappeared from the city’s vicinity. Journeying through Uttari Betta, like the Western Ghats, begins with small hamlets that open wide to reveal fortress dividers. It is then passed through seven stone entrances until you reach the middle of the trek that includes the Shankheshwar sanctuary on the top. The panorama from the zenith vantage point is breathtaking.
  5. While there are other treks within the Bangalore region, the Uttar Betta Day Trek will certainly give you a much-needed getaway from the monotony urban life.
  6. The trek up to Uttari Betta will reward you with a stunning landscape. Your heart will be captivated by the lush green perfection and enchanting natural aspects. The trail is filled with distinct qualities and offers a variety of delights for all hikers.
  7. It’s a trip that will give you an unforgettable experience. The location is set to display its beauty to you. The trip is easy and covers a mere distance of five kilometres. Get the most out of your weekend by spending time with your family and friends.
  8. This trail for trekking is unique from other trails. The hike ends at the top of the hill, and is flanked by large stones.
  9. Weather in Uttar Betta is lovely all throughout the year. The sunrise climb of Uttara Betta from Bangalore is a popular activity during the summer months to view the pre monsoon cloud patterns.

Difficulty level of the trek

The Uttar Betta Trek has a steep slope. Moderate to Easy. In rocky terrain, Uttari Betta is a continuous upward climb with numerous stages of rising and falling. The journey from Uttari Betta is 5 kilometres long (up and down)

Best time to visit

The most popular times to travel to Uttari Betta are July and August. Through the entire year, Betta is spectacular. The best seasons to travel are from July to February, when you can enjoy the lush vegetation and stroll across the clouds. The scenery is beautiful and warm during winter months. In summer, the Uttari Betta dawn hike is very popular due to the stunning cloud formations and the possibility to stay away from the harsh summer sun in the daytime.

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